Service delivered:
Conducting data analysis to support the audit of Procurement Department in order to detect any operational errors or potential fraud.

Our client is a major holding company of multiple healthcare providers. The objective of the assignment was to implement a data analytics tool that will aid the internal auditors in detecting any operational errors or potential fraud. Our team was also requested to train the existing internal audit team and conduct specific data analysis.

Work Conducted by our team included:

  • Implementing Caseware IDEA Data Analysis system.
  • Provide on-the-job training to the internal audit team on the use of the system.
  • Build an audit program covering all areas of the Procurement Department. This audit program was developed to a detailed level showing all required steps using Caseware IDEA to reach to the results.
  • Provided a Caseware IDEA experienced resource to the client’s audit team to conduct the required data analysis/ tests using IDEA.

The outcome

  • The work conducted on procurement department resulted in identifying major operational weaknesses and Red Flags.
  • The client’s Internal Audit team is now using Caseware IDEA Data Analysis in all their audits.
  • Automated tests performed using Caseware IDEA are saved in order for the team to easily re-run these tests in the future and save valuable time.


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