Services Provided:

Aldar International for Governance Consultancy (AIGC) – sole distributor of CaseWare IDEA in the MENA region – successfully implemented IDEA in one of the leading groups in in the aviation sectors in Oman and conducted Levels 1 & 2 Training for The Group’s Internal Audit Team.


  • Implementing Caseware IDEA Data Analysis system.
  • Providing Levels 1 and 2 training to the Group’s Internal Audit Team that covered the following:
    • CI101 – IDEA Data Analysis Level 1:
      • Understand the purpose and features of IDEA
      • Consider audit objectives and where IDEA can be used
      • Determine data required and arrange data download
      • Use IDEA in audit and increase audit efficiency and effectiveness
    • CI102 – IDEA Data Analysis Level 2:
      • Expand use of analytics in audit process
      • Use analytics consistently in their audit processes
      • Document best practices using data analytics in audits
      • Improve governance and controls
    • A live Practice of actual scenarios was conducted on IDEA.


  • The client’s Internal Audit team is currently using Caseware IDEA Data Analysis in all their audits.
  • The team are able to save Automated tests performed using Caseware in order to easily re-run these tests in the future and save valuable time.
  • The team can now analyze huge data that was a challengeable and time-consuming to handle before the introduction of IDEA.

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